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    Lake Louise, Alberta | Canada (by Dave_Appleby)

    still have to visit this place with my husband

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    Here are some ways to get your idea muscle stronger from blogger James Altucher’s post How To Become An Idea Machine.

    You do this by developing the idea muscle:

    A) Every day, read/skim, chapters from books on at least four different topics.

    B) Write down ten ideas. About anything. It…


  8. "In years to come, people may live lighter yet, suggests Gerd Leonhard, CEO of the Futures Agency. These personal devices, with all their cloud-based functionality, will have moved into our minds. If we require energy on the move, our clothes will harvest it through integrated photovoltaic or piezoelectric generators… We’re witnessing the rise of the modern nomad, “defined not by what they carry but by what they leave behind.” That’s the definition The Economist proposed nearly five years ago, in a feature written in anticipation of a wireless world, called Nomads at Last."

  9. Change

    I have been thinking lately about the flows of change. The way it occurs, the residual it leaves and the consequences it brings. Is it ever really possible to tailor something, specially human behavior to make it perfect ( we are talking about individualistic perception). From my personal experience, when I look back at my childhood, since then whenever I have made a conscious decision to make a different life for myself than what my parents decided to set out for me, I have set the missile free to go on its way. No matter what I would have done or what anyone would have done, it would not and could not have been changed. When I looked back at people I have met during my life, I found they have changed me. at times for good ( what could be bad?) again its about perception. Those changed have brought me down to earth about human life and taught me nothing is absolute. Not life, not death, not happiness and neither pain. It all depends on from where we are looking at it. So I have decided to take change in a positive way. Whatever change may come in life, I believe that it will help me to discover myself and help me to carry this journey on this planet . I believe that we all have the strength to accept change and set the direction of life according to it. Regardless, we may thing everything is three dimensional but from where I look at it, life is multi-dimensional and human nature is consisted to unlimited dimension. So expecting someone’s or some group’s behavior to be three dimension is almost setting yourself up for disappointment. This theory may help us to look at individual, a group and a country’s or a religious group’s behavior. When we look at things through a different colored sun-glass, things become always different and I believe in 21 st century we must change the glass and wear a more compassionate glass to look at problems and people. My belief is that it will led us to a happier personal life, a happier state and a happier world. At the end all we want is happiness


  10. tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?